Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing like a little excitement...

I got up this morning, pulled back the curtains in the bedroom and saw this:

(zoomed and cropped)

Yikes!!!! Actually, whatever it was scurried? slithered? back into the hole and we had to wait for about 20 minutes for it to poke it's head back out. The sound of me opening the curtains and yelling "GLEN!!!!!!!!!!" scared it away haha

So, we sat there and waited and it poked it's head out for a while... We tried to work out how concerned we should be lizard = no concern, snake = MAJOR concern. We rang Glen's dad who is thankfully quite knowledgeable about local wildlife. From our description he told us to call the local council and talk to a snake catcher and that he'd be right over.
Glen rang the snake catcher and they thought we had a lizard on our hands but would be over as soon as he could just to confirm.

As soon as Glen's dad got here knew knew what it was right away... A Blue-tongued skink. *phew* Almost as soon as Glen's dad got here the creature came out of the hole a little more and we saw legs. That's obviously all it took for us to be 100% confident about what it was. (we called the snake catcher back and told him not to worry about coming over).

Nothing like a little excitement to start your day!!

Temperature: +20C
Sunrise: 6:13am
Sunset: 8:44pm

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