Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back from the dark ages!

And by that I mean not having internet!

We're pretty much all moved in to our new place and are slowly getting things hooked up. We borrowed Glen's parent's internet stick thing to use while we saved up enough money to get the internet hooked up properly. This might've lasted a little longer if the internet stick didn't COMPLETELY suck. After about a week I was ready to run it over with the car. The thing was SO slow and unreliable. You pretty much had to stand on your head and hum the hokey-pokey backwards for it to even think of connecting. So yeah, blogging was completely out of the question and so was pretty much most internet browsing.
I think it just might be the area we're in because the stick thing worked fine at Glen's parent's.

So, we've been slowly setting in to life in our own place again, getting used to the neighbourhood and all that sort of thing. We're not totally unpacked yet (minus all the stuff we use on a regular basis). Tomorrow we're going to IKEA to pick up some bookshelves so we can unpack a bit more and at least make the livingroom look decent. We bought a 3-seater couch and two recliner chairs (package deal) a week ago and they were delivered this past Saturday. It's AWESOME to have furniture! (also, first couch/etc that is actually my own and not someone's hand-me-downs that were left in the apartment when they moved).
They have a lot of free-to-air channels here so we don't need to pay for cable TV. AWESOME. In Inuvik you were lucky if you got a fuzzy B&W CBC. (I think we have 22 digital channels but some of them are repeats.)

So besides all that, I've started working at Glen's work on Mondays in their photo centre/cashiering. I'm going to be looking for something on top of that (obviously) but it's nice to have that little bit of extra money coming in (something crazy - casuals get paid WAY more than full time staff - sucks that I'm casual but yay for getting paid a decent amount of money!).

We went to the footy last weekend too and had an AWESOME time. It was the first time that the team Glen follows has been in a final in YEARS (as in Glen has never seen them in a final) and they WON! Woo! It was great! We had a great time screaming/yelling/cheering (Glen lost his voice and I almost did too!). Ahhh so fun.

And yeah! Once we get a bit more done in the house I'll post some more pictures. I've been wanting to post an update for WEEKS now (even just to say our internet sucked) but the site just would NOT load.

Temperature: +29C
Sunrise: 7:20am
Sunset: 7:37pm