Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time for an update!

My poor blog is being neglected! I've still been taking my project 365 photos and I've had a bit of exciting news to share I've just been... Too tired!
I actually have a pretty legitimate reason to be so tired and it's not laziness or working too much...

Yup! I'm pregnant! It was a bit of a surprise and not something we were really planning but we're pretty excited.
So I'm due September 20th and I've just ticked over to 13 weeks and the second trimester. I got to celebrate hitting 13 weeks this morning by throwing up. Lovely. So far though, that's only the second time and both times seem to have come after a busy day at work where I'd been quite tired. I've had nausea on and off the whole time, more so when I'm in the car (curse you motion sickness!) so I think I'm pretty lucky I've actually only barfed twice.

Other big exciting news is that Glen and I got engaged in February! I should write a proper post about it since he was sneaky and arranged for me to have time off work and arranged for us to spend a few days in Philip Island.
We had a really great time and Glen did a great job planning the trip - and the proposal. He managed to arrange to get my mum's wedding rings (so he's had them for almost two years!) and he proposed on my dad's birthday. It was such a nice way to incorporate my family into the moment.

One more exciting thing is that I have my paperwork for the second stage of my visa (getting permanent residency). Thankfully it's not as much paperwork as before but as always there's a little bit of stress making sure you get everything right!

When my energy picks up a bit I hope to do an update of my 365 photos and write a proper post about our Philip Island trip.

Sorry I've been so slack!

Temperature: +17C
Sunrise: 7:18am
Sunset: 7:40pm