Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project356 - January 23rd - 29th

January 23rd - Christmas put away for another year.
January 24th - Gummy Snakes!
January 25th - The tile in our kitchen.
January 26th - Happy Australia Day!
January 27th - Petrol prices again. A little more reasonable this time!
January 28th - Random living room picture.
January 29th - A bit of knitting (finally!).

Sorry this has turned into a project 365 blog, we haven't really been up to a whole lot in the last few weeks. Work, home, work, home. I haven't really had the energy to do too much after work so we've been keeping it pretty low key. We've been watching a lot of tennis (or as much as we can) since the Australian Open is on (ends today) but we didn't manage to get to any actual games (besides the Rally for Relief) this year.

Temperature: +34C
Sunrise: 6:30am
Sunset: 8:36pm

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project365 - January 16th - 22nd

January 16th: Rally for Relief. Rod Laver Arena
January 17th: The drive home from work.
January 18th: Our mailbox.
January 19th: Random flowers in the yard.
January 20th: Not even 9:30pm and I'm exhausted! Time for bed!
January 21st: Outrageous petrol prices today. $1.42/L. Ouch
January 22nd: Petrol prices again - still outrageous ($1.36/L) but not quite as bad.

Temperature: +25C
Sunrise: 6:23am
Sunset: 8:40pm

Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365 - January 8th - 15th

January 8th: Woke up and discovered my glasses were broken. gah!
January 9th: Playing Mario Kart.
January 10th: My aloe plant is loving the new pot - its sprouting all over the place!
January 11th: Rain, rain, rain. Taken from work.
January 12th: More rain...
January 13th: And more...
January 14th: Flowers in the front yard (they are actually purple in real life).
January 15th: Relaxing in front of the fan and watching tennis (yes our Christmas decorations are still up!).

Temperature: +16C
Sunrise: 6:16am
Sunset: 8:43pm

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New lens & Birds

We bought my mum a new camera for Christmas (we = us and my brother and his wife) and a few days ago I picked up a new lens for her from work. The camera that we got her came with an 18-55mm lens which is a pretty good little lens but she's used to a lot more zoom so I picked up the 75-300mm for her.
Before I could send it to her I figured I'd better test it ;-) haha so a few days ago Glen and I went for a walk to take some pictures (part of testing this lens is to figure out if I could live with that lens myself or if I should shell out the big bucks for the 100-400mm).


Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Superb Fairywren

It was a pretty hot day so most of the birds were hiding so I didn't really get many shots. I was pretty impressed with the range since my longest lens only goes to 135mm. I think I'd still like the extra reach of the longer lens and the extra crispness of good quality glass. We'll see though!

Temperature: +18C
Sunrise: 6:08am
Sunset: 8:45pm

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project365 - Jan 1st - 7th

I've decided to give Project365 a go. I've wanted to do it for a while not but had missed out for some reason or another (I suppose I could've started it in the middle of the year). I figured the best way to actually get this done would be to use my phone to take the pictures - I love my SLR but there is no way that I'd actually complete this project if I had to lug it around with me every day all year. Another thing to keep this convenient is that I've downloaded an app on my phone so I can upload the picture straight to the website I'm compiling this all on.

Once a week on my blog try to I'll do a roundup of the photos from the week and if you're interested in seeing the photos before I upload them here, you can view my calendar here.

January 1st - New Years Day at the beach in Torquay
January 2nd - Twenty20 Cricket at the MCG
January 3rd - Quesedillas for dinner
January 4th - The drive home from work
January 5th - Glen has his nephew over for games night. The view from my laptop
January 6th - A walk in our favourite park on a warm evening
January 7th - Skating at the new rink in Docklands

Temperature: +29C
Sunrise: 6:07am
Sunset: 8:46pm

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Now that Christmas and New Years is over and done with hopefully things can get back to some semblance of order and routine.
Not that I didn't have a good time during Christmas or anything but working two (retail) jobs sort of sucked all the fun out of it. I was looking forward to and dreading Christmas. On one hand it was going to be my first day off in a month (and it was CHRISTMAS) and on the other it meant the next day was Boxing Day which is pretty much the most dreaded day if you work in retail.

Anyway, we had a good day even though we were dead tired by the end of it. One of the highlights (comedy wise) was throwing Glen's 13 year old nephew into the pool because he was being cheeky and didn't think we'd actually do it haha

On the 27th we went to the MCG to watch day 2 of the Ashes in Melbourne (The Ashes is a cricket game between Australia and England). Australia did pretty bad but it was still fun - and it was my first time going to the cricket.

We had a pretty low-key New Years. We went to a BBQ at one of Glen's co-worker's and then came home around 11:30 and watched the fireworks on TV then went to bed. I know the whole point of going somewhere on New Years is to actually still be out at midnight but they were all driving 45 minutes down the road to the beach and we didn't want to be out driving that late.
It was also incredibly hot yesterday (+41) so that pretty much sucked the life out of me and I was asleep right after the fireworks finished.

It was pretty warm again today so we decided to take a drive down to the beach where it was MUCH cooler than it was in the city. We still managed to take a dip in the water though! (I told Glen we need to make 2011 the year of getting to the beach!).

Lets hope we all have a great 2011!!

Temperature: +16C
Sunrise: 6:01am
Sunset: 8:45pm