Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project365 - Jan 1st - 7th

I've decided to give Project365 a go. I've wanted to do it for a while not but had missed out for some reason or another (I suppose I could've started it in the middle of the year). I figured the best way to actually get this done would be to use my phone to take the pictures - I love my SLR but there is no way that I'd actually complete this project if I had to lug it around with me every day all year. Another thing to keep this convenient is that I've downloaded an app on my phone so I can upload the picture straight to the website I'm compiling this all on.

Once a week on my blog try to I'll do a roundup of the photos from the week and if you're interested in seeing the photos before I upload them here, you can view my calendar here.

January 1st - New Years Day at the beach in Torquay
January 2nd - Twenty20 Cricket at the MCG
January 3rd - Quesedillas for dinner
January 4th - The drive home from work
January 5th - Glen has his nephew over for games night. The view from my laptop
January 6th - A walk in our favourite park on a warm evening
January 7th - Skating at the new rink in Docklands

Temperature: +29C
Sunrise: 6:07am
Sunset: 8:46pm

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