Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project356 - January 23rd - 29th

January 23rd - Christmas put away for another year.
January 24th - Gummy Snakes!
January 25th - The tile in our kitchen.
January 26th - Happy Australia Day!
January 27th - Petrol prices again. A little more reasonable this time!
January 28th - Random living room picture.
January 29th - A bit of knitting (finally!).

Sorry this has turned into a project 365 blog, we haven't really been up to a whole lot in the last few weeks. Work, home, work, home. I haven't really had the energy to do too much after work so we've been keeping it pretty low key. We've been watching a lot of tennis (or as much as we can) since the Australian Open is on (ends today) but we didn't manage to get to any actual games (besides the Rally for Relief) this year.

Temperature: +34C
Sunrise: 6:30am
Sunset: 8:36pm

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