Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Australian Open

Yesterday Glen and I went went to Day 1 of the Australian Open. We bought tickets to Rod Laver Arena (centre court) ages ago. We had no idea who we'd be seeing since they don't release the schedule until a day or two before but we figured we'd take our chances. We got to see Maria Sharapova (vs Maria Kirilenko) , Kim Clijsters (vs Valerie Tetreault - a Canadian!) and Andy Murray (vs Kevin Anderson).

I've been watching the Australian Open on TV for quite a few years now so it was interesting to be there watching it live. Because of the crappy weather yesterday the roof was closed and it felt like we were watching a night match.

Players warming up.

First up was Maria Sharapova and Maria Kirilenko. It turned out to be a really good - LONG - match. Kirilenko ended up winning (7-6, 3-6, 6-4) which kind of surprised us. Sharapova didn't seem very comfortable the whole time.

Since that match went on for so long, there wasn't much of a break before the Clijsters match started. It was just a bonus that we managed to see a match with a Canadian (since like I said, when we booked the tickets we had no idea who we'd see). We have six females playing singles matches and I've only ever heard of two of them - Tetreault wasn't one of them. Despite that, I still took my Canadian flag and waved it (the only one there!). We were getting a bit discouraged when Tetreault lost the first set 6-0 but she came back in the second and managed a 4-6 loss. So if anyone happened to see that match and saw a Canadian flag, that was us! I didn't really get any good pictures from this match since I was too busy holding the flag lol (the first picture in this post is from Clijsters and Tetreault warming up when we first got there.

After that was Andy Murray and Kevin Anderson. That match played out pretty similarly to the Clijsters match. Unfortunately Anderson didn't really get into it. Murray took the match 6-1, 6-1, 6-2. The funny thing about this match was that since Murray is Scottish, there were all sorts of Scots and Brits there cheering him on - with coordinated songs and outfits. There were four guys wearing shirts (one had an "A" the next an "N" etc) and they'd get up at the changes of ends and sing/chant. Quite amusing.

By the time that was all said and done, it was after 5pm (we got there at 9:30ish). We did a quick walk to some of the other courts and then decided to head back home when it started sprinkling. By the time we got to the tram stop, it was full-on pouring. We got DRENCHED because there were tonnes of people waiting for the tram and we had to miss two before we managed to squeeze on (we were close to not getting on that one as well!). While we were waiting, we were standing next to a guy with a huge golf umbrella and a tram came by, knocked the side of the umbrella and a massive amount of water from the top of his umbrella poured onto me. It was pretty funny - Glen was laughing and two ladies scolded him haha

Glen was just getting over a cold and while we were walking from the train to the car (about 4 blocks) I told Glen that I was pretty sure I'd be sick today and sure enough... I woke up with a cold. Thankfully I have wireless internet (thanks to Glen who figured out the password for his sister's network --- so I'm posting from bed! haha) and the tennis is on. My day is planned!

(P.S. Sorry to any tennis nuts if I messed up the whole game/set/match terminology. I think I got it all straightened out but I might not have. I drive Glen insane by saying "the game" instead of "the match"!!)

Temperature: +17C
Sunrise: 6:19am
Sunset: 8:42pm

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