Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two week sporting events = life suck.

The past month has been taken up by watching A LOT of sports. First the tennis was on (Australian Open) and now the Olympics and pretty soon the footy will start (we're actually going to a pre-season game on Friday).
We ordered a special package through the cable company and have AWESOME coverage (they're really promoting the winter Olympics over here. A few years ago I doubt we would've gotten more than a highlight reel during the evening news).

Other than that, we've been looking at apartments/houses and just sort of hanging out. The weather is slowly starting to cool down and we're having more days of weather in the mid 20s (Celsius) rather than in the 30s. I'm sure we're in for a few more days of heat (it got pretty hot when we were here in March/April 2007) but I think the "worst" is over.

Glen's dad found a praying mantis is the flowers the other day and brought it in to show us (Glen's niece and nephew were here too). I've never seen one before so it was pretty cool.

So yeah! Life is just sort of chugging along as much as it can. Hopefully I'll have some exciting news about our first place soon (waiting to hear back about a place we applied for yesterday).

Temperature: +20C
Sunrise: 6:58am
Sunset: 8:09pm

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