Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Sports

We went to our first footy game of the season last night (Bulldogs vs Hawks). It's still just the pre-season but we figured we may as well go (Glen's favourite team was playing his BIL's favourite team so we went with Glen's sister & her family).

There were 17,222 people there.

AFL is THE thing here and most people have a team they say they support even if they aren't really into it (there are of course people that hate it or don't follow it at but it's pretty rare - at least around this family!). There's no way I could explain it properly so here's a quote from explaining it:

"Variety of football played between two teams of 18 players. The field is oval, 145 – 200 yd (135 – 185 m) long, with four goalposts at each end. A six-point goal is scored when the oval ball is kicked through the two central goalposts. A one-point "behind" is scored when the ball is kicked over the behind line extending between the central and outer goalposts. The game's finest spectacle is the "mark" in which competing players leap, sometimes riding on the back of an opponent, in order to catch the ball directly from the kick of another player. The player making such a catch is awarded a mark, an unhindered kick from behind the spot of the catch."

If that intrigues you, you can read more here . If you think Canadians are passionate about their hockey, Australians (especially Melburnians) are even more passionate about their football (and it can kind of be scary to be sitting around some of those people at the game... A lot of them yell abuse at various players which can be amusing until they start yelling their abuse at you because of the team you support).

3/4 time strategy meeting.

Depending on what Glen's work schedule is like, we'll be going to as many games as we can this season. Should be fun.

And if you're curious the team we support won (yay!).

Temperature: +17C
Sunrise: 7:02am

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