Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Phone! yay!

I managed to snag myself an iPhone this week after a bit of drama with the phone company (basically I couldn't sign up in my name so Glen did it in his and because of that, I couldn't keep my old phone number). Besides having a new phone I'm really excited about the camera portion of the iPhone and downloaded a few cool camera aps. I'm hoping to do something similar to project365 but with my phone - my camera is just too big to lug around everywhere every day and there are some seriously cool photography aps out there.

So because I've gotten a new phone I'm getting a case for it. I bought one for the time being because there's no way this phone is going to go without a case (I put a case AND screen protector on it before I did anything else) and I want to order a custom case for it. I found a site that will let you upload a photo or artwork and it turns it into phone case. I picked 16 of my favourite pictures and I can't decide which one to choose!
I thought I'd open it up for public opinion to get some help.

In no particular order:

Berries & Grevillea 1

Grevillea 2 & 3

Bird & Crocus

Rainbow Lorikeet & Koala 1

Koala 2 & Inuvik

Crocus 2 & Fireweed 2

Fireweed 3 & 4

Fireweed 5 & Rainbow Lorikeet 2

In other news we've been getting brief snippets of warmer weather. It was +29C yesterday and now it's back to rainy and cold. We had a bit of wild weather a week or so ago but there doesn't seem to be as much damage as when we had those storms last November.

Temperature: +13C
Sunrise: 6:25am
Sunset: 7:45pm

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toni in florida said...

I like best Koala 2 and Crocus 2. Followed by the Koala (2?) who is looking up and photographed from underneath. Nice pix all, I must say.