Thursday, July 1, 2010

Faces in my food

There's a brand of cereal that we buy all the time and I don't know if we got a funny box or something but there seems to be an over-abundance of deformed pieces. This isn't like Alpha-Bits where you get a few pointless or deformed letters or even like Lucky Charms where your clover may be missing a leaf. The deformed pieces of this cereal more often or not are little faces.

See?! haha How weird is that? (you can see a normal piece near the bottom of the bowl). Look at all the different expressions! I'm really tempted to take out all the little pieces and do a stop animation project or something.

Would you find it hard to eat a bowl of cereal with little faces in it?

Temperature: +7C
Sunrise: 7:36am
Sunset: 5:11pm

1 comment:

knittingcapricorn said...

How cute! They remind me of beings from Studio Ghibli or little robot faces :) I'd find it hard to eat them, because I'd want to play with them, too.