Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Bit of Knitting

I know I haven't done a lot of posts on knitting and there are a few reasons for it. My craft stuff is still in boxes - I have easy access to it all but it's a royal pain in the arse to dig everything out. I haven't really been in the mood to knit - I spend a lot of time thinking of what I want to knit and planning new projects but a lot of things don't get out of the planning stage. The most recent thing is that my hands have been really cold. I've figured out how to wrap my blanket(s) around me to cover my hands so I can use the computer but I haven't quite worked out something that works with holding knitting needles and yarn. I WAS working in a pair of fingerless mitts but the first one turned out too big so I have to rip it back.

Since it's been so cold, I've been working on (and planning) a series of slippers. I'm planning to make my own basket of "house shoes" for guests when they come over. This is something I first learned about in Germany. The concept of slippers (obviously) isn't new but the concept of having a basket of slippers by the door for guests is. Basically, in a lot of houses, you only heat the room you are in (each room has a radiator or separate thermostat) which makes the rest of the house pretty chilly so guests are offered slippers to keep their feet warm. I've always thought this was a cool idea and even toyed with the idea of buying a house shoe basket when I was in Germany. Here are some examples of a typical basket I found when I did a quick search - 1, 2, 3, 4.
Anyway, so because our apartment is chilly and I'm finding myself 1. wearing my slippers A LOT more than usual and 2. taking a pair of slippers when I go to visit family (like my grandmother does!) and 3. We're a shoes off house (which is not common here) I figured it's a good time to make a basket (it might encourage people to take their shoes off). This is an idea I've been carrying around with me for 8 years!

Firs thing is first though, I had to knit Glen a pair of slippers. He's been asking for a pair for a while. I was working on a thrummed pair but the first one turned out too small. I was going to make a pair of felted clogs but I think the felting part might be difficult. Our hot water tank is TINY and just filling up the washing machine on warm empties it. So I searched and found a pattern that looked quick, easy and most importantly warm. -Click- (ravelry link -- the website the pattern is on is only in PDF - I can link to that if anyone is interested).

I used sized 9 needles and Lion Brand Wool-Ease that's been languishing in my stash since 2006. I wanted a nice thick slipper that would be warm so this seems to fit the bill. I sewed some thick felt onto the bottom so that they'll last longer AND it helps with not being able to feel the seam on the bottom. I think I sewed the bottom seam on the first slipper about 5 times before giving up - no matter how I sewed it, you could feel it.
I encourage people to go to Rav to look at the pattern because despite how my (poorly photographed) slipper looks, they're really cute. I couldn't be bothered stuffing the slippers and posing them nicely. These slippers and definitely a candidate for my house shoe basket - I might actually make a few different kinds of slippers just to keep things interesting.

(and yes, I still haven't finished my February Lady Sweater...)

Temperature: +11C
Sunrise: 7:32am
Sunset: 5:07pm

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Batty said...

Yay, knitting! Now you need a shawl and fingerless gloves to go with your slippers, and you'll be knitting and typing away in no time.
Stay warm!