Friday, May 14, 2010

Things you find on your sidewalk...

Now this could be a variety of mostly unpleasant things but I'm happy to report that I've found something quite awesome sitting on the sidewalk that runs down the side of our building (one way leads to the street, the other way to the carport and in the middle is the door to the building).

It's a Feijoa (or Pineapple Guava/Guavasteen). I've never seen one of these before in my life so imagine my surprise one night when we were walking towards our door and we found a few of these on the sidewalk. Normally I wouldn't pick up random things and bring them in but this looked pretty interesting. I cut it open and smelled it and it smelled pretty good so I set out to figure out what it was before I sampled it (I'm living in a pretty crazy country and it wouldn't have surprised me if I found something poisonous). I called Glen's parents and they had no idea but Google came through for me when I searched for "green skinned fruit" and then looked through pictures until I found something that resembled what I had (I also posted on Facebook and a forum). After a few "It's a Feijoa/Pineapple Guava/Guavasteen!" answers I was reasonably assured and ate some. They are delicious! Sort of like a cross between a concord grape, pear and kiwi. (I'd also like to say I think I'm solidifying myself as the family weirdo with my in-laws. They thought it was HILARIOUS that I'd pick some random fruit off the ground, bring it in, cut it open, decide what it was and eat it. In one way they were surprised and in another... They weren't so much haha).

So since I found the first one, every few days there seems to be a few more on the ground (no idea if other people are picking these up or not) so I've been bringing them in when I find them. I took a few over to Glen's sister's last weekend too.

I find it absolutely insane that something like this is just growing outside our door! There's other examples of random exotic fruit growing around here (back home you were hard pressed to grow anything besides crab apples and choke cherries). I'm devising a plan to get a few of the pomegranates from the tree around the corner (which means I'm working up the courage to knock on their door). Pomegranates!

Temperature: +13C
Sunrise: 7:12am
Sunset: 5:20pm

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