Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally getting around to it...

Posting pictures of my knitting that is!

So I've been working on the February Lady Sweater. I SHOULD be done by now but moving into our place and being sick on and off for the last month has put a damper on my knitting time.

I think I'm about 1/2 way through the body, maybe a little bit more. Before it went into hibernation, I was really enjoying it because as complicated as it looks, the pattern is easy to memorize AND I can easily read my stitches if I happen to make a mistake (so I can easily tell what row/etc I'm on). I'm not too thrilled with the colour though. We'll see how it looks once it's finished but I'm seriously considering over-dyeing it. I did a few button holes at the top but I'm not too pleased with those either so I might to a button/snap thing... We'll see on that too.

We've made a few trips to IKEA as Glen's schedule has allowed (which I've been enjoying since I LOVE IKEA, Glen not so much) We might be adding another short bookcase in the middle but we'll see about that (kind of depends on whether or not we get a bigger TV).

Things are still pretty messy since I just managed to rearrange everything today. The TV isn't where it's staying, I'm waiting for Glen to get home from work with a longer cable. It's nice to see all my stuff again (or well some of my stuff!). The apartment was smelling strongly of smoked moose hide until I was able to open some windows today.
It's at least looking a little more put together than it was even yesterday!

The clocks were set back an hour last weekend so it's getting dark fairly early and it's starting to get cooler during the day.

Temperature: +19C
Sunrise: 6:40am
Sunset: 6:04pm

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