Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Not That I Don't Have Anything to Say...

There has been a lot of exciting and fun stuff happening here but there's one problem -- my computer. I installed an update (I suspect flash) which has made my computer run like a snail. Because of that, when I type, the computer starts to lag and then Firefox throws a hissy fit and closes. It's VERY frustrating.

I'm going to format one of these days but I'm lazy. It's also one of my least favourite things to do.

For now I'll give you the list of exciting things and will hopefully follow up with pictures & a real post soon (of course I'm writing this now and the computer is FINE *rolls eyes*)

1. My stuff arrived! YAY! (nothing is missing or broken as far as I can tell)
2. Because of that, there has been knitting - yay!
3. Went to the city to see the Christmas tree and the Myer windows.
4. Got some awesome pictures of a sulphur crested cockatoo in the backyard (and fed him some seeds).
5. The weather here has been OUTRAGEOUSLY hot.

If I can figure out how to do a scheduled post I'd type up a few when the computer's not acting like an ass... Anyone know how to do it?

Temperature: +18C
Sunrise: 5:54am
Sunset: 8:20pm

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toni in florida said...

Sorry, I'm no help with blogger stuff. In truth, I don't know how (or if you can) do it on wordpress either, and that's my host. You might have more luck getting a whole post in (text, anyway) if you write it in a word-processing program, then copy/paste it into your new post form. And then, too, you won't lose the text itself it Firefox chooses an inopportune time to crash on you.

Glad you are happy and doing well and knitting with your own stuff again. Makes you feel more at home, doesn't it?